Docutech wants to share educational content and help mortgage professionals stay up to date on industry and product news, trends and topics. We have extensive knowledge about the loan origination process, the loan experience, compliance and more. Our webinars cover the many features our products have to offer and our white papers cover industry trends and topics.  


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White Papers
A New Home, A New Life-Improving the Borrower Experience White Paper


Buying a new home is a major milestone in a consumer's life. Lenders realize this, but are more focused on regulations than making sure the borrower is enjoying the process.


Highlights Include how to

- Move borrowers through the loan process quickly and without confusion 
- Provide confidence to your borrowers during the loan process
- Instill a sense of security in your borrowers 
- Close quickly





Texas Legal Review Webinar 


In this webinar, Docutech shows the streamlined integration with Gooch Law and Texas Legal Review. The key topics discussed in this webinar include:  Homestead, Community Property and Unlawful Practice of Law in Texas.







Compliance Panel Session 1 Webinar 


You have questions, Docutech has answers! This webinar provides valuable insights on some of the most pressing questions around compliance in the industry. Docutech's compliance panel focuses on many of the concerns mortgage professionals have today and helps them gain a better understanding of new regulations and how to remain compliant.






Compliance Panel Session 2 Webinar 

Screen_Shot_2016-06-09_at_11.34.56_AM.pngMany lenders are focused on ensuring they remain fully compliant with TRID and other key regulations in the mortgage industry. In this webinar, Docutech hosts a live Q&A featuring expert commentary from Fred Gooch, general counsel and VP of Compliance at Docutech, to help lenders gain answers to their questions related to the mortgage industry’s current regulatory landscape.






Compliance Panel Session 3 Webinar

Compliance_3_Resource_page.pngThis webinar, presented by the Docutech legal compliance team, provides valuable feedback to some of the industry's most pressing questions around compliance, including questions about TRID, mortgage security and more. The team also presents some of DocuTech's new website features and highlights our new blog for more in-depth discussion of key industry topics.






The New 4506-T Webinar 

In this webinar, Docutech is joined by The Mortgage Collaborative and Veri-Tax to discuss the changes to the new 4506-T form (2015 revision). This webinar covers key details about the new form, manual submission, and electronic submission through the integration with Veri-Tax and Docutech. 






The State of eMortgage

Screen_Shot_2016-06-28_at_10.26.46_AM.pngHow many completely paperless mortgages did you close and deliver this year? For most lenders, the answer is still zero. Despite the great gains made in creating the infrastructure and technological capabilities to support a fully electronic mortgage process, there is still one major gap in the paperless mortgage chain – the closing table.






eSignature Features Demo 

This demo presents Docutech's eSignature feature, also known as eSign. eSign provides users with the ability to effectively close loans and gain required signatures electronically while fully meeting federal, state and investor requirements. Learn the key benefits of Docutech's eSign technology and how to use it effectively in your organization.






Collaboration Portal 2015 Demo


This demo presents the new features of Docutech's Collaboration Portal and the key benefits that it provides to users. The Collaboration Portal alleviates the communication gap between lenders and settlement agents, improves productivity, drives profitability and ensures the final closing disclosure that goes to your borrower is 100% accurate.