In today's instantaneous, technology-centric environment, organizations can no longer afford to slow down for paper processes that require a physical ink signature and antiquated paper-return delivery. Unlike other eSigning technologies that have limited integration support and rely on additional third-party platforms, Solex is a comprehensive, all-in-one eSign solution. 


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Solex, our robust eSign platform, provides an unmatched client experience by offering an efficient, secure and convenient way to finalize documents anywhere, anytime, from any device. Integrated with ConfromX, Solex provides secure document delivery, a simplified signing process and a robust audit trail with tamper-proof signature evidence that meets UETA and ESIGN requirements.


    • Flexible & Comprehensive
    • eSign Simplicity
    • Compliant & Secure
    • Process Support
    • ConformX Integration



    • Financial Services
    • Mortgage
    • Lending
    • Consumer Lending