Docutech’s flagship solution ConformX was specifically developed to deliver the industry’s first truly dynamic document generation engine, providing the perfect balance of productivity and compliance. Leveraging data directly from loan origination systems (LOSs), ConformX is the industry’s leading web-based solution for creating document packages and is currently in use at over 200 lenders across the nation. Processing more than 15% of the industry’s mortgage volume, ConformX supports both first mortgage and home equity, as well as the industry’s growing consumer lending needs.


As the focus on offering digital mortgages increases, the role of ConformX is more relevant than ever. Rather than utilizing a static library of forms, ConformX integrates with a lender’s LOS to produce data-driven documents that meet specific criteria. Every relevant data field is imported, defaulted or automatically populated through rules-based intelligence to ensure the most streamlined document experience possible.


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    • Optimizes Efficiency
    • Improves Compliance
    • Improves Borrower Experience
    • Seamless and Secure


Generate accurate document packages based on information provided from your system of record, such as an origination system, CRM or other front end platform. Every data field is imported, defaulted or automatically populated according to your business rules, eliminating virtually any additional data entry so that you can deliver that special moment to your client effectively and quickly. 


No more wasting time weeding through documents that do not apply to the transaction.


Send us a copy of your custom form and our team of highly-­skilled developers will create it for you. Then, easily add it to your document package where it will be configured to print automatically.


On average, ConformX customers cut their transaction time by 67%. With the click of a button, the package is sent to our secure mailing facility to be mailed out on time, at a cost-­effective fee.